2012 Elections ­ Exit Survey 

7,776 Voters (40.87% of those who voted) in the 2012 Neighborhood Council Board Elections filled out an exit survey, leaving their opinions on local priorities,
outreach strategies, election features, and suggestions for improvement.

28.1% of those surveyed commented on the high quality of the candidates!

Voters ranked the different types of outreach based on their effectiveness.*

56.1% of those surveyed left compliments for the 429 volunteers who worked the polls.

Voters expressed satisfaction with these Election elements:

Voters suggested these Election elements could be improved:

Of the 7,776 Voters who took the post-election survey, Central LA was the quietest
with 13% of voters leaving their thoughts while the Harbor was the most opinionated at 82%.

*some voters picked more than one item.

2012 Elections – Online Survey

An online survey was also available to candidates, voters, and volunteers,
resulting in 115 responses from the stakeholders representing 47 different Neighborhood Councils.

73 were veterans of Neighborhood Council elections, 42 were new to the system.

Those surveyed said the biggest improvements over the 2010 Neighborhood Council elections were:

96.6% of those surveyed said the electoral process (candidates engaging voters, polling location, ballot box, etc.)
is an important way to develop a relationship with stakeholders and engage the community.

100% of respondents said that Neighborhood Councils should be engaged in outreach to the local community all year long.

The most effective Outreach Tools were:

The most effective elements in engaging stakeholders in the electoral process are:

Respondents said they would like to see these electoral innovations in the future:

These are the elements that contribute to a meaningful Polling Place experience:

76% of those surveyed said that Neighborhood Councils should have authority
over how the NC spends its funding on Elections.
(Including Vote-by-Mail, Multiple Locations, Outreach, Translations, Innovations)

79% of those taking the survey said that the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment and the Neighborhood Councils
partnered successfully in the 2012 Neighborhood Council elections.