Music to Lift Spirits and Soothe the Soul

Everyone needs comforting this year more than ever. We have community members who are living in fear. You can help to alleviate some of the tension in your neighborhoods by embracing the arts. Music is a healer. Make Music LA is an outreach opportunity to bring people out of their homes onto the front porch or into a park or community garden for a concert.

All of us share in these feelings of helplessness from one time or other. However, together we can comfort and share in an afternoon or evening of celebrating our communities and our diversity. We have the power to bring calm and understanding.

Make Music LA is now accepting applications from both artists and venues. Make Music LA joins 800 cities and 120 countries in celebrating the first day of summer, the Summer Solstice on June 21st.

Sign up and take part in helping to heal our communities in this cross-cultural, cross genera music making event. Make Music LA is a unique festival that is 100% free and encourages DIY events organized by community members.

Make Music LA has one simple goal: to get free, live, outdoor music in every corner of Los Angeles on the first day of summer, reaching as many residents as possible.

MMLA is open to ALL of the arts. So if you sing, dance, play an instrument, are a part of band or not, are a poet, spoken word performer or a fine or graphic artist you can ALL participate.

If you have questions or would like a presentation made to your Neighborhood Council, please contact Dorsay Dujon:

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