The Board of Neighborhood Commissioners is considering changes to its Agenda Posting Policy, which states that when posting meeting agendas, Neighborhood Councils shall:

1. Post to their current 5-7 physical posting location requirements for certification for all Board and committee agendas;
2. Post to all Brown Act requirements for posting location accessibility (24 hours) and time line to post;
3. Upload all agendas to their websites, if applicable, and email the agendas (or links to agendas on their website) to their stakeholder email database, if applicable;
4. Email a copy of all regular and special Board meeting agendas (not committee meetings) to the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment at the same time the Neighborhood Councils post the agendas;
5. Provide information of the physical posting locations, the website and whether they have an email database to the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment on the Department’s form. All posting locations must be approved by the Department in writing.

Please provide your feedback on possible changes in the following survey for their consideration. Thank you!