Empower LA BootCamps in Outreach & TUX Skills, June 5th and 19th!

With 95 different and unique Neighborhood Councils, all with their own style for outreach and each with its specific goals and missions, Empower LA has noticed the need and desire for support in basic outreach tools and methods. One of the beauties of our council system is that our boards attract a diverse group of candidates with different work and skill experience; however, this means that from one year to the next, boards may find themselves equipped to maximize outreach or find themselves without the skills to keep up what has been started.

The TUX (Technology & User Experience)Team at Empower LA has combined all of their Outreach knowledge and practices and have curated two workshops that teach board members the basics of marketing and online best practices for Social Media, Websites, Email Campaigns, & more.  Even if you are an expert at Outreach and Marketing, we’d love your presence at the workshop in case you are able to add new ideas and thoughts to the conversation.

The BootCamps


Outreach Bootcamp, June 5 @ 7pm

This BootCamp will walk you through developing an outreach plan using marketing practices: narrowing down who your target stakeholders are, developing a plan to get to them, and then learning about different tactics and ideas that your council can produce.

LAFD Fire Station 89
7063 Laurel Station 89
North Hollywood, CA 91605

TUX BootCamp, June 19 @ 7pm

This BootCamp will focus on Social Media, Websites, Email Campaigns.  We will explain the differences between platforms and show you how to use them best for outreach. We will hear from other folks who have used tech successfully, and we will walk you through using Next Door as a new Social Media tool.

Encino Community Center – **** NOTE LOCATION CHANGE 
4935 Balboa Blvd.
Encino, CA 91316
Board Members and Committee Members Welcome!
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