BUDGET FORUM 2.0 on Saturday March 28, 2015!


The Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Budget Advocates and Mayor Eric Garcetti’s office of Budget and Innovation are sponsoring BUDGET FORUM 2.0 on Saturday March 28, 2015 from 9 AM until Noon at Los Angeles City Hall in Council Chambers. The event will also have Satellite locations around our great City with a LIVE broadcast and […]

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Controller’s Electronic W­2 Program Saves Thousands of Dollars, Brings City into ‘Modern Era’

Controller Ron Galperin’s push to modernize City practices by implementing new technologies has resulted in another success: nearly 14,000 city employees opted to receive their W­2 tax forms electronically. This is the first year they have had the option.

“Fortune 500 companies have been issuing tax forms electronically for years,” said Galperin. “Electronic W­2s save the […]

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Budget Advocates 2015 White Paper: A New Vision for Los Angeles

The Neighborhood Council Budget Advocates have released their 2015 White Paper, the result of meetings with key players from 30 City Departments and Bureaus and Council Members and their staff. In it, the Advocates distill five key action items that will help advance the Mayor’s objectives, including rebuilding the confidence of residents and businesses in […]

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Let’s Talk Money: Budget Forum 2.0 Coming Soon!

The Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Budget Advocates (NCBA) and Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Office of Budget and Innovation (MOBI) are sponsoring a series of Town Hall events — Budget Forum 2.0.

The forums will provide a unique opportunity for input on the City’s budget from LA residents, business people, stakeholders, and other community members. One-on-one discussion with […]

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Regional Budget Day Saturday 10/11

The Budget Advocates invite you to Regional Budget Day this Saturday, October 11, taking place at 5 locations around the city. By providing a community voice to the Mayor and the City Council about budget priorities, the Budget Advocates aim to integrate Neighborhood Councils more fully into the shaping of the City budget, to help […]

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Seeing What the City Spends Money On Is Now Easier Than Ever

Making sense of how much Los Angeles spends on goods just got a whole lot easier. Controller Ron Galperin unveiled a sleek, more modern look for his office’s open data site, ControlPanel.la. The refreshed site includes precise data on the more than $1 billion in goods the City buys. That information has never been collected […]

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Budget Day 2014 Launches Year-Long Budgeting Effort

Saturday’s Budget Day at City Hall successfully launched another year-long effort to provide Neighborhood Council input and influence into the City’s annual budgeting process. Over 200 NC Budget Representatives, Board members, and concerned stakeholders representing 77 of the City’s 95 Neighborhood Councils listened and participated for four hours of “talking budget.”

The standing room only crowd […]

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NC Budget Day August 16, 2014

At the beginning of the calendar year, Neighborhood Council leaders meet with the Mayor of the City of Los Angeles and his budget team to present their budget findings and recommendations. But the City Budget journey begins months earlier, with the selection of NC Budget Advocates, enlisting the support of NC Budget Representatives, and continues […]

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GM’s Message 7.3.14

I hope this newsletter finds you well. While I’m out this week, the Co-Chairs of the Neighborhood Council Budget Advocates, Jay Handal and Joanne Yvanek-Garb, accepted my offer to write the GM Message. Even when they’ve been busy with their own Neighborhood Councils, Jay and Yvonne have invested hundreds of hours in the City’s budget […]

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Neighborhood Council Budget Package Fiscal Year 2014-2015

In order to start effectively measuring the impact of the Neighborhood Council system, the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (Department) collaborated with Neighborhood Councils last year to submit strategic plans and budgets for Fiscal Year 2013-2014. These plans and budgets were posted online on your Neighborhood Council’s webpage on www.EmpowerLA.org. The Neighborhood Council Budget Package for […]

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