Neighborhood Council Budget Package Fiscal Year 2014-2015

In order to start effectively measuring the impact of the Neighborhood Council system, the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (Department) collaborated with Neighborhood Councils last year to submit strategic plans and budgets for Fiscal Year 2013-2014. These plans and budgets were posted online on your Neighborhood Council’s webpage on The Neighborhood Council Budget Package for [...]

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NC Budget Advocates: Putting Neighborhoods First!

“These budget hearings are crucial to our work to put neighborhoods first in LA.” --Mike Bonin, Councilmember for the 11th District What is the Neighborhood Council Budget Advocates? With the recent release of the Mayor’s Proposed 2014-2015 Budget, neighborhood councils and community members have an opportunity to get involved and voice their opinion about their [...]

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Mayor Garcetti Submits Los Angeles City Budget Proposal

Mayor Garcetti  released his first LA City budget proposal this week, and Neighborhood Council Budget Advocates have been sitting in--and chiming in --on the budget talks this week.  You can attend the hearings as they go down the list in City Hall Chamber as well. Mayor Garcetti calls his proposal "Changing the Conversation." In his [...]

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Fund the Congress and Budget Advocates!

As the 2013-2014 Funding Cycle comes to a close, Neighborhood Councils will have to act decisively to ensure that their unspent funds are not swept if it is their intention to invest those funds in the future of the Congress of Neighborhoods and/or outreach for the Budget Advocates. Neighborhood Council Boards must pass a Board [...]

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NC Viz Data 8.1

The latest version of NC Viz Data takes a look at 18 months of Neighborhood Council expenditures and breaks it down into five categories; Operations, Outreach, Elections, Improvements, and Neighborhood Purpose Grants. The data is sorted region by region and then council by council. For those who would like to dig a little deeper and [...]

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NC Viz Data – 18 Months Big!

EmpowerLA’s Funding Department has just released a recap of Neighborhood Council expenditures over the last 18 months, viewable in NC Viz Data format as well as in traditional spreadsheet detail. Click here to review Elections, Improvements, NPGs, Operations, and Outreach expenses by region. There are also options for a detailed spreadsheet and a summary spreadsheet.

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DWP Union Subpoena

Neighborhood Council Budget Advocates Call on DWP Union to Release Financial Information Neighborhood Council Budget Advocates issued a demand letter on Thursday requesting financial documents from the two nonprofits associated with the largest union of the Department of Water and Power, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 18. This past fall, the Los Angeles Times [...]

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EmpowerLA 2014-15 Budget Presentation

The Department of Neighborhood Empowerment is preparing to submit its budget proposals for the 2014/2015 City of Los Angeles Budget, a process of preparation, submission and refinement that spreads throughout the fiscal year. Neighborhood Council stakeholders are invited to participate in person or online in a Department presentation on Monday, December 16, 2013 at 6:30 [...]

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Neighborhood Council Budget Day 2013

Last Saturday hundreds of engaged citizens rose early, headed to City Hall, and set to the important business of discussing the City Budget. They filled the room to capacity and filed into the hallway for the annual meeting that included Mayor Eric Garcetti, Controller Ron Galperin, and Inspector General Fernando Campos. The City Charter calls [...]

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NC Budget Day 10/26/13

Each year in March, Neighborhood Council leaders meet with the Mayor of the City of Los Angeles to present their budget findings and recommendations.  But the City Budget journey begins months earlier,  with the selection of NC Budget Advocates, enlisting the support of NC Budget Representatives, and continues through the year, engaging the community in [...]

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