This Week’s Pop-Up Polls: May 25th – 31st

Pop-Up Polls give voters more opportunities to vote, in addition to voting online and on Election Day. Here are this week’s Pop-Up Polls:

Wilmington Neighborhood Council
Wednesday, May 25th
6 pm start time
(open for at least 1 hour)
Neighborhood Council Meeting
1371 Eubank Ave
Wilmington 90744

Del Rey Neighborhood Council
Wednesday, May 25th
6:30 – 8:30 pm
Candidate Forum
11976 Culver Blvd
Los Angeles 90066

Palms Neighborhood […]

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Outreach Best Practices: Eagle Rock NC’s Election Promo Video & Election Day Activity Ideas

Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council got a great turnout at their polls last weekend! Check out their fun election promo video and creative Election Day activity ideas for inspiration for making your own Election Day an event that draws your community closer together.

Election promo video

Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council’s “Eagle Rock the Vote!” video gives a playful […]

Where Is My Username & PIN?

Did you register to vote online, but haven’t yet received a username and PIN to use to log into the voting system? There are three possible explanations :

1) Your registration was incomplete; 2) your registration is complete but not yet processed; or 3) your registration was completed but your login confirmation went into your […]

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When Is There a Recount of Ballots?

Recounts may happen either automatically or by request in a Neighborhood Council election. Whenever there is a contest where the number of votes separating candidates for a given seat is 10% or less of the total votes cast in that contest, EmpowerLA Elections staff conduct a recount automatically.

Recounts may also be conducted by request. However, […]

What Happens In Case Of A Tie?

If there is a tie between two or more candidates running for the same Neighborhood Council seat, the tie is resolved by drawing straws. The drawing of straws may happen immediately after ballots are counted, if all the candidates involved (or their designated representatives) are present; otherwise, it will happen within two calendar days after […]

How To Run Facebook Ads


Facebook ads can boost your posts, promote your page, send people to your website, raise attendance at your events, and more. If your Neighborhood Council has a Facebook page, running advertisements during elections is a great outreach strategy. If your Neighborhood Council does not have a Facebook Page, learn how to make one here.

There are […]

Congratulations, You Got Elected! Now What?

Learn what comes next for newly elected Neighborhood Council Board Members.

Three days after an election, the preliminary results will be posted on your Neighborhood Council’s Election page at and will be updated with the Final Official Canvass of Votes when the election is certified.

There are THREE days to resolve provisional ballots. For provisional voters, […]

Outreach Best Practices: Election Essentials To Share With Your Stakeholders

Increase voter turnout by giving your stakeholders clear, simple, and complete information about your upcoming Election. Here’s a guide to the Election essentials you can share and tips on the best way to share them.


Your Election Homepage
If you share just one thing with your voters, give them your Neighborhood Council’s Election homepage on […]

This Week’s Pop-Up Polls: Wed May 18th – Tues May 24th

Pop-Up Polls dramatically increase access to Neighborhood Council Elections, as voters who can’t make the date or time of your regular Election Day may be able to make it to one of our mobile voting stations in your area. Here are this week’s Pop-Up Polls:

Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council
Wednesday May 18th
3 pm – 5 pm
Farmer’s Market […]

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Creating Short Links: How to Shorten a URL

Long links eat up valuable space on printed flyers or in Twitter tweets. They’re also hard to remember if someone has to manually enter a URL they see in print or in a caption on a social media outlet like Instagram, which doesn’t allow clickable links.

Avoid both issues by creating custom short links to […]