2016 Neighborhood Council Elections Survey

We would love to have your feedback on the 2016 Neighborhood Council Elections! Please take a moment to fill out this short 4-item survey regarding your Election experiences and your priorities for your community: https://form.jotform.com/41385529870968

Do We Have Your Contact Info?

EmpowerLA does lots of communication via email, hence it is important that our board member database is up-to-date. We only use the emails that have been provided to us via rosters@empowerla.org.

To make sure we have your correct email address, please go to your EmpowerLA – Neighborhood Council webpage (find it here); scroll down, and look for your […]

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Get Your Polling Place Rental Bill Paid

EmpowerLA pays up to $200 of the cost of polling place rentals, but your location rental paperwork must be submitted correctly, in order to get that payment made. Once you have an invoice from the location you used, submit it to us via email, and use the subject line, “Election Polling Place.” Send that email […]

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Outreach Best Practices: Central San Pedro’s Record Selection Turnout

Congratulations to Central San Pedro for engaging a total of 1110 voters with their Selection process this month! That’s a record number of voters for a Neighborhood Council Selection. Central San Pedro obtained such great results by taking their Selection on the road. They held a total of four events on two different days at […]

You Can Still Book A Pop-Up Poll This Week

There’s still time to book a Pop-Up Poll before Saturday’s official Election Day for Empowerment Congress North; Mid City; or Empowerment Congress West Neighborhood Councils! Pop-Up Polls can increase voting opportunities for your stakeholders. Call us right away with your suggestions for events or locations where we can set up one of our mobile voting […]

How To Pay Your Election Location Rental Bill

Most Neighborhood Councils have used or will use a location that has a rental fee for their Elections. To make sure that your rental bill gets paid, please submit your location invoices via email to EmpowerLA.Funding@LACity.org, and cc (carbon copy) that email to ManQin.He@LACity.org. Make sure to write “Election Polling Place” in the subject line of your email.

The Department […]

This Week’s Pop-Up Polls: June 15th – June 17th

Below are confirmed Pop-Up Poll locations for June 15th – 17th. New dates are added to our Pop-Up Poll webpage at http://empowerla.org/popuppolls, as they are booked, so be sure to visit that page for the latest locations. Don’t forget: even if a Pop-Up Poll isn’t within your Neighborhood Council boundaries, your stakeholders may still vote at *any* Pop-Up […]

Outreach Best Practices: How To Seek Out & Recruit Great Committee Members

Forming new committees is part of forming a new Board, and effective committees are the secret to an effective Board. But where can you find great committee members in your area, and how can you recruit them?

Your Neighborhood Council’s email list is entirely composed of people who already know and care about your Neighborhood […]

Online Voting Press Release

Does your Neighborhood Council have an online election happening soon? Here’s a press release about online voting that you can share with your stakeholders and local press contacts, in order to educate your voters, and promote your upcoming election. The release explains how online voting works in this season’s Neighborhood Council Elections. The press release […]

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Last Call For Pop-Up Polls!

If your Neighborhood Council has an online election coming up on June 11th or 18th, you still have time to book Pop-Up Polls to help increase voting opportunities for your stakeholders! Call us immediately at (818) 293-VOTE (8683) to make your request.

What makes a good Pop-Up Poll location?

These mobile voting stations are most effective […]

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