EmpowerLA Podcast Interviews Ken Draper of CityWatch

Share your feedback with us: We are starting the New Year off right by asking for feedback from listeners of the EmpowerLA Podcast to find out who you want to see interviewed or what topics you want to be covered in future episodes of the podcast. Fill out this form to submit your ideas! You can also use our new email [...]

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Rally in the Valley Neighborhood Council Elections Event February 9th

The Neighborhood Councils of the San Fernando Valley are joining forces to throw the 2019 Rally in the Valley on Saturday, February 9th in North Hills! Neighborhood Council elections are happening now - come attend a free workshop on how to run for office, and talk to Valley-area Neighborhood Council members about what their current [...]

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CA Clean Air Day

Dear L.A. Neighborhood Council Leaders, As the local leaders of Los Angeles, you are invited to participate and lead your community in California Clean Air Day on October 3, 2018. Across the state, Californians will take actions to clear the air as we create more breathable, healthy communities for all. Though great strides have been [...]

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Neighborhood Council Inventory Update

Thank you for your assistance in the 2017/2018 Neighborhood Council Inventory. In order to finalize your inventory for 2017/2018, each Neighborhood Council will need to agendize a review and approval of the inventory report in the month of June. During the week of May 28th, each Neighborhood Council will receive a detailed letter and an [...]

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SoRo Fest 2018

Come join us again this year for the 2018 Annual Soro Community Festival.  Sunday June 3rd 11am to 6pm.  Open two hours longer!!!! Featuring: New Live Music Stage The City’s Best Gourmet Food Trucks (Kosher Food being provided by Taco ala Cart ) Themed Beer and Wine Garden, Hosted by Fandomodo Media. The Camp Soro [...]

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Nominees for the EmpowerLA Awards

Each year, seven Neighborhood Councils are honored with EmpowerLA Awards by the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners, in recognition of projects that do an especially outstanding job of increasing civic engagement and making government more responsive to local needs. The 2018 theme is “Innovative Civic Engagement.” To be considered for an EmpowerLA Award, a Neighborhood Council [...]

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Bel Air-Beverly Crest’s Robin Greenberg Receives CD5’s 2018 Pioneer Woman Award

City Councilmember Paul Koretz presented Bel Air - Beverly Crest Neighborhood Council President Robin Greenberg with a Pioneer Woman Award today in City Council Chambers. The Pioneer Women Award winners are selected each year by the Commission on the Status of Women and the Los Angeles City Council. Congratulations to Robin for receiving this well-deserved [...]

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Neighborhood Council Sustainability Alliance Updates

As 2018 settles in, it is bringing important and exciting opportunities to the NCSA and its members and supporters. YOU are needed to shape the NCSA’s direction in 2018 and beyond Can you believe that next month marks three years since the NCSA held its first public forum, and embarked on vital and innovative community [...]

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