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Mayor’s Message

Mayor Garcetti announced today that “Team Los Angeles” was named as one of Gov Tech’s Top 25 in its annual list of “Doers, Dreamers, and Drivers”. The list recognizes those who “cut through the public sector’s legendary barriers to innovation with transformative ideas.”

“Team Los Angeles” comprises Mayor Eric Garcetti, Deputy Mayor Rick Cole, City Controller […]

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Controller’s Electronic W­2 Program Saves Thousands of Dollars, Brings City into ‘Modern Era’

Controller Ron Galperin’s push to modernize City practices by implementing new technologies has resulted in another success: nearly 14,000 city employees opted to receive their W­2 tax forms electronically. This is the first year they have had the option.

“Fortune 500 companies have been issuing tax forms electronically for years,” said Galperin. “Electronic W­2s save the […]

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Mayor’s Message 02.18.15

Los Angeles Department of Transportation is the first transit agency in California to create a system-wide mobile ticketing app

On Tuesday, February 17, Mayor Eric Garcetti launched LA Mobile, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation’s (LADOT) app that lets riders buy tickets on their smartphones for LADOT operated DASH and Commuter Express buses. The launch makes […]

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Let’s Get Social! Virtual Tools for Real Impact

Many of our Neighborhood Councils have become quite adept at using social media outreach to spread the word about meetings and events, recruit volunteers, and interact with their stakeholders, other NCs, and city officials. Have you connected with EmpowerLA on the various social media platforms?

Social media is a powerful way to engage stakeholders who will […]

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Need Web Services? Check the List of Approved Vendors

The Board of Neighborhood Commissioners met this week to discuss the approval of ten vendors that Neighborhood Councils may utilize for web design, maintenance, and training services.

As you are aware, Neighborhood Councils cannot enter into contracts for any services on their own. The Department received thirteen responses to the Request for Qualifications issued in August, […]

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Los Angeles Places #1 in Digital Cities Survey!

e.Republic’s Center for Digital Government (The Center) today announced the top-ranked cities in the 2014 Digital Cities Survey. In its 14th year, the annual survey is part of the Center’s Digital Communities Program, which focuses on collaboration among cities, counties and regions. Open to all U.S. cities, this year’s survey questions targeted which initiatives cities […]

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Tech Tips: 3 Ways to Build Community with Digital Tools

For a neighborhood council, social media is all about building community, engaging your stakeholders through more direct contact, and encouraging participation and involvement with your NC. Here are three quick tips to keep in mind as you build your social networks:

1. Get your story out there
What is your NC’s history? What are your proudest achievements? […]

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How Cities Can REALLY Use Nextdoor Social Network officials made a big announcement last week that opened up their social network to use by government agencies. Unlike most social platforms, Nextdoor hosts closed neighborhood networks just for the people living in those communities.

In this insightful video, Kristy Dalton of GovGirl and NextDoor co-founder Sarah Leary chat about the practical ways cities can […]

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Surprising Facts About Social Media

Are you reluctant to invest time and energy in social media like Facebook and Twitter because you don’t feel like these platforms are as effective in reaching your stakeholders as “good old-fashioned” mailers and door-to-door canvassing? Do you worry that you wouldn’t reach your target demographic through social media tools?

Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube […]

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