Tech Talk and Neighborhoods: Public Safety 101

More and more Neighborhood Councils are activating their pages and making Nextdoor a regular part of their outreach. NCs report that it’s practical, easy, and good for a variety of uses--from notifying members of the next NC meeting to connecting with neighbors about a yard sale or a new park in the area. One of the best things about staying connected in your community is knowing that neighbors

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TECH TALK: Button, Button, Who’s Got the Button?

This is a question we’ve been getting a lot from our NC Outreach Chairs-- how do I link my NC page to the website? If you have WordPress, it’s simple. This week, we show you how with a simple step-by-step. Here is the EmpowerLA button / image, we'd like to see on all NC websites: Log into your WordPress account. Then click on +New and then on the dropdown Media from the top gray

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Google Hangout

EmpowerLA has been using Google Hangout to reach people that are not able to make a meeting or presentation. It’s a great tool to connect with others that may be on the road or simply cannot make it to the meeting location. It’s easy, and it works. And best of all, it’s FREE. Are you ready to try Google Hangout? Follow the simple steps below. First: You need to have a Google account. That means

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Spread the Word about Elections ‘14 on

The City of LA joined in December. Since then, 20 Neighborhood Councils have activated their own pages to communicate with their stakeholders. With Election ‘14 season underway, now is the time to take advantage of this online tool to spread the word about candidate registration and increase voter turnout. Over 700 neighborhoods are already on, and they’re waiting to

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Facebook – Profile, Group, or Page?

Social Media is an essential tool to get the word out about your Neighborhood Council and the Neighborhood Council elections. And according to Fast Company, the fastest growing demographic on Twitter is the 55-64 age range bracket and 45-54 age range is for Facebook and Google+. The latest Pew Research suggests, that in 2012 67% of women between the ages of 18-29 used Facebook. These demographics

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Over the last three months, EmpowerLA has been working with to partner on engaging new stakeholders and connecting them with the City of Los Angeles and their local Neighborhood Council.. In those three months, the number of neighborhoods has grown from 292 to 794, an increase of 254%! The number of members in LA grew 268%! Last week, mayor Eric Garcetti sent

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Answers to some Nextdoor FAQs

What is Nextdoor? Nextdoor allows communities to easily create free private websites to facilitate communication among neighbors and build stronger neighborhoods. Nextdoor was created based on the idea that the neighborhood is one of the most important and useful communities in a person's life. Nextdoor's mission is to use technology to help neighbors build stronger and safer neighborhoods. In Los

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A New Neighbor on The City of LA

Can’t go door to door? How about going page to page? Neighborhood Councils embody the value of people who live close together, working together for the common good. Building community is what they do best. Many Neighborhood Councils are taking advantage of technology to take their outreach to a new level and interact with fellow stakeholders online. But what if you want to target just the people

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NC Viz Data, Part V

The series continues this week with data visualized yet another way! The possibilities are endless. Next week, there won’t be a Viz Data Part VI due to the holiday. But we’ll return the following week with a bigger, better data set for you to enjoy. This will include expenditure data for July-November 2013. Stay tuned, and in the meantime, enjoy this time series graph.

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NC Viz Data “More Data, More Visuals”

Mayor Eric Garcetti’s commitment to open and transparent governance and City Controller Ron Galperin’s policy of opening the city’s books to the public continue to resonate through the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment, resulting in “More Data, More Visuals." The Mayor’s Performance Metrics and the Controller’s Control Panel LA have inspired the digital strategists within EmpowerLA

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