The Board of Neighborhood Commissioners is requesting input from Neighborhood Council board members and stakeholders on eight motions it will be considering. To make your views known to the commission, take their survey at The deadline to take the survey has been extended to noon, December 22, 2013!

The motions cover issues impacting how Neighborhood Councils do what they do, including:

1) trainings for board members

2) early notification system

3) initiation of Council files

4) review of City services

5) Community Impact Statements

6) presenting at public meetings

7) funding and grants

8) elections

The commission started the process for examining these topics in December 2012 when it established three regional NC Plan Review committees to conduct a review of the “Plan for a Citywide System of Neighborhood Councils.”

In the spring, the committees met over 20 times, and have now returned with recommendations. Before acting on the recommendations, the commission decided to solicit additional input from Neighborhood Council board members and stakeholders through the survey. To view the worksheets and related documents used by the NC Plan Review committees as they deliberated on these issues, visit

Besides taking the survey online, the public can view the survey in its entirety and print physical copies to share. Physical copies can be submitted by mail to the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment, 200 North Spring Street, 20th floor, Los Angeles, CA 90012. Be sure to allow enough time for mail delivery by the December 22nd deadline.

Neighborhood Councils are also encouraged to weigh in collectively and submit any board resolutions they pass to