Controller’s Electronic W­2 Program Saves Thousands of Dollars, Brings City into ‘Modern Era’

Controller Ron Galperin’s push to modernize City practices by implementing new technologies has resulted in another success: nearly 14,000 city employees opted to receive their W­2 tax forms electronically. This is the first year they have had the option.

“Fortune 500 companies have been issuing tax forms electronically for years,” said Galperin. “Electronic W­2s save the City money, allow us to use resources more efficiently and preserve the environment. I’m extremely gratified that our efforts to bring city payroll practices into the modern era are paying off.”

Controller Galperin’s office began encouraging city employees to make the switch to electronic W­2s in December. In just a few weeks, 49% of eligible employees chose the electronic format. The Controller estimates electronic W­2s will save the City $10,000 this year. Paper W­2s are costlier than electronic W­2s because they must be printed and distributed by hand.

Beyond the savings, the technological upgrade allowed the Controller’s office to get the tax forms into City employees’ hands on January 13 — sooner than ever before. “That is the fastest W­2 from any agency I have seen,” said retired L.A. City Firefighter and Certified Financial Planner Alan Hewitt, who has assisted firefighters with tax preparation for more than 25 years. “There’s going to be a lot of ice cream bought this year due to Controller Galperin’s innovative approach to government,” he added, referencing a time-­honored tradition of firefighters buying one another ice cream when they experience something new or noteworthy.

The City Controller is responsible for processing the payroll for the City’s 42,000 employees.

Controller Galperin is also responsible for launching Control Panel LA, an online tool for accessing data and understanding how the City’s budget is spent.


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