Crisis Response Team Now Recruiting – March 2013

The Crisis Response Team (CRT) program is composed of professionally trained civilian community volunteers who respond to traumatic incidents at the request of the Los Angeles Police and Fire Departments in each of the fifteen Council Districts.  CRT volunteers provide immediate on-scene crisis intervention, attend to urgent victim comfort needs, acts as a liaison between the victim and emergency personnel, and give referrals to victims and their families affected by a death, a serious injury, a violent crime or other traumatic incidents.  These incidents include homicides, suicides, serious traffic accidents, natural deaths and multi-casualty incidents.  The CRT program is managed by the Mayor’s Office of Homeland Security & Public Safety in collaboration with the City’s Fire and Police Departments.

The seven-week training session begins on March 4 till April 17, 2013, and will take place on each Monday and Wednesday evenings at the L.A. Police Headquarters in downtown L.A.

Training Topics Include:

• On scene protocol by the Los Angeles Police and Fire Department personnel.
• Hospital emergency room protocol by the Emergency Room Social Workers.
• The Los Angeles County Coroner protocol.
• Victim Assistance Programs.
• Suicide aftermath support by the Suicide Prevention Center.
• The grief process in adults and children.
• Traumatization and crisis intervention principles and skills.
• Working with the elderly and individuals with disabilities.
• Cultural & religious diversity by the L.A. City’s Human Relations Department.

OTHER GUEST SPEAKERS INCLUDE: L.A. County Department of Mental Health, L.A. Unified School District Mental Health, City’s Disabilities Department and additional collaborating agencies.

We are particularly in need of volunteers with bilingual capability in Spanish and Korean.

MARCH 4, 2013 TILL APRIL 17, 2013
MONDAY & WEDNESDAY EVENINGS: 6:30pm till 9:30pm 
L.A. POLICE HEADQUARTERS (1st Street & Main Street, Downtown L.A.)

CRISIS RESPONSE TEAM – Mayor’s Office of Homeland Security & Public Safety
200 North Spring Street, Room 303, Los Angeles, CA 90012
Phone: (213) 978-0697 Fax: (213) 978-0718

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