Each One Teach One

One of the fastest ways to learn is to become the teacher, an application of the “Each One Teach One” principle in which a community grows stronger as members pass on their skills and knowledge to others.

EmpowerLA’s community of 95 Neighborhood Councils is strengthened through a peer mentoring program called Councils for Councils, made up of “expert” Neighborhood Council members who serve as mentors/trainers for less experienced Neighborhood Councils.

At any given time, C4C members are working with Neighborhood Councils throughout Los Angeles, helping NC Leaders run better meetings, manage NC funds, improve relationships, and engage stakeholders.

The Mission of C4C is “to better serve local communities by incorporating service ideals into the Neighborhood Council system.”

C4C Mentors are “the best of the best” and are selected based on guidelines that include a knowledge of local laws, ordinances, rules and regulations that are related to Neighborhood Councils as well as the City Charter, the Plan for a Citywide¬†System of Neighborhood Councils, and the policies and guidelines that come from the Department and the Commission.

Most importantly, C4C Mentors are seasoned veterans of the Neighborhood Council system who have a passion for civic engagement and a desire to share their skills and experience with others.

Neighborhood Councils can request C4C assistance by filling out the C4C Request for Support Form and submitting it to EmpowerLA. NC requests must be accompanied by a Board resolution that demonstrates that the request was discussed by the body and that the request is the will of the body.

The Co-Chairs of the C4C are Leyla Campos and Dee Olomajeye and the program is administered by Lisette Covarrubias who can also be reached at 213-978-1551.

Remember, “Successes shared are doubled, troubles shared are halved!”

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