Elections FAQ IV

The Elections Hot Line gets lots of calls from candidates, volunteers, and voters who have lots of questions. Here are some of the common questions and the answers.

Question from potential Candidates: “Where do I start?”

Answer: Visit EmpowerLA’s Elections page where you will find a list of the Neighborhood Councils and the Regions, a map of the City with all of the Neighborhood Councils, links to the regional pages, and all election related documents including the Elections Manual, the Acceptable Forms of Documentation, the citywide timelines, and an elections calendar.

Question from potential Candidates: “How do I qualify as a candidate?”

Answer: Each Neighborhood Council has their own Board structure so the place to start is at the EmpowerLA page for each Neighborhood Council where the qualifications for each seat are posted. Essentially, each candidate must prove their identity and their connection with the Neighborhood Council. (Student for student seat, Renter for Renter seat, Community Interest for Community Interest seat, etc.)

Question from potential Candidates: “Where do I send my Candidate Filing Form and my supporting documents?”

Answer: The simplest method of filing is to go online. In addition, candidates can download the filing form and submit it in person, by email, or by fax. Candidates can also meet their Independent Election Administrator and file at a meeting, a workshop, or a rally.

Question from potential Candidates: “I filed online and my name is on the Neighborhood Council Elections page but it says pending. Why?”

Answer: The great thing about such a successful election season is that there are so many great qualified candidates. The downside is that it takes time to process the filing forms so the names get posted online within 24 hours and then the candidates get verified and certified before their statements and photos go online. You should see the update within 72 hours.

Question from potential Candidates: “Who can vote for me?”

Answer: Each Neighborhood Council has different seats and qualifications to vote for those seats. The qualifications are listed at EmpowerLA.org on each Neighborhood Council’s election page.

Question from potential Candidates: “So much information, who can help me navigate the process?”

Answer: There are Independent Election Administrators for all 12 Election Regions. You can email them or call them and join them at an upcoming information workshop or candidates workshop or election event. (Check the Elections Calendar for upcoming events)

Citywide       Glenn Bailey  818-514-5355   Glenn@EmpowerLA.org
Region 1 Jose Sandoval  818-984-2133   JoseS@EmpowerLA.org
Region 2 Kevin Taylor  818-939-7294   Kevin@EmpowerLA.org
Region 3 Tony Wilkinson  818-212-5384   Tony@EmpowerLA.org 
Region 4 Alisa Smith  213-910-3491   Alisa@EmpowerLA.org
Region 5  Jay Handal  310-466-0645   Jay@EmpowerLA.org
Region 6 Terrence Gomes  310-387-1374   Terrence@EmpowerLA.org
Region 7 Terrence Gomes  310-387-1374   Terrence@EmpowerLA.org
Region 8 Jay Handal  310-466-0645   Jay@EmpowerLA.org 
Region 9 Rashad Rucker  661-342-4213   Rashad@EmpowerLA.org
Region 10 Hector Huezo  562-485-7929   Hector@EmpowerLA.org
Region 11 Alisa Smith  213-910-3491   Alisa@EmpowerLA.org 
Region 12 Rashad Rucker  661-342-4213   Rashad@EmpowerLA.org


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