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NC VIZ DATA 8.0Here is a breakdown of Neighborhood Council expenditures separated by Regions. (July 2012 – December 2013)

Want something a tad more specific?

What is the breakdown by Neighborhood Council?

We have a breakdown of each NC’s expenditures grouped by region, but NC specific.

Can I see the specific line items for each expenditure?

Click the viz-data link above (or simply the picture) and look at the bottom. The spreadsheet will give you all of the information that these graphs represent. Feel free to take advantage of this.

We’ve combined our efforts with the Controller’s Control Panel to get the full picture.


What is The Neighborhood Council Funding Program? In November of 2002 the NC Funding Program was approved per CF 02-0699. Since then, Neighborhood Councils have are allocated a set amount per year to spend on their communities.  These funds are to be budgeted in the following categories:  Operations, Elections, Outreach, Community Improvement Projects, and Non-Profit Grants. Since each certified Neighborhood Council’s budget consists of public funds, each Neighborhood Council is responsible for submitting appropriate documentation to account for their expenditures and to ensure that the expenditure are in the best interest of their communities per Article III, Section 2 (d) Jump to a specific interest by clicking the following links:

Checking Account Funding and overview Reconciliation Forms and overview Budget Forms and overview Pre-checking Account Forms and overview: Forms and Facts for Demand Warrants’s, Auto-deducts, P-cards, etc.



All Board members voting on funding matters are required to take the first 20 minutes of the workshop regarding usage of public funds. Treasurers and second signatories must also take the second part of the workshop, which goes into more details about the necessary forms and monthly funding reconciliations. All Board members must also complete their two hour ethics training as well to participate in Neighborhood Council funding matters.

Step 1. Choose an Overview:

Step 2. Choose your Presentation:

Complete ‘E-mail me’ form by clicking the link at the end of the Slideshare or at the bottom of the Youtube Video to submit proof of completion. (Please be aware that by submitting your proof of completion you are then held responsible for the information therein)

Feel free to use these training materials as a guide for future reference!


The entire Neighborhood Council (NC) board shares the fiduciary responsibility for the use of it’s funds including: a. auditing b. managing c. reconciling it’s records. The requirements at the end of each month: a.  Financial documents for purchasing card (P-card) transactions must be Reconciled with the monthly P-card invoice. b. Submitted to the Department for review on a monthly basis. c.  Must include the following: 1. Purchase Card Reconciliation Form (CRD) 2. Bank Statements 3. Original receipts  (matched with P-Card statements) 4. minutes of board resolution approving transaction. 5. NCs must also provide proof that the P-Card Statements were also approved by the Board. Other Requirements: a. All information on the CRD form must be complete. b. All transactions must be recorded including bank and customer service fees. c. All transactions should be numbered on the bank statement and linked to the receipt with the board resolution or minutes. Proof of Payment (see page 59 of the Treasurer’s Handbook) Additional Supporting Documents (see page 59 of the Treasurer’s Handbook)

Need reconciliation Forms?

NC monthly Expenditure Report- Excel NC Cash request - Excel- NC Board Vote on Funding Request- Fillable-PDF- Slide share Funding Request Form- Fill-able PDF - Slide shareExcel.   As of 07/01/2013, reconciliation is done on a monthly basis to ensure proper use of public funds.
Bogged down by the paperwork? See if using the auto-calculated Google format is better for you.  Contact for more info and be part of our Pilot Program!


OVERVIEW: The budget process is an opportunity for the NC to learn what the community wants to see happen and/or improved in the fiscal year ahead. A good budget outlines in reasonable detail; (1) operating expenses; (2) outreach activities; (3) neighborhood improvements and/or beautification projects; (4) Neighborhood Purposes Grants; and (5) Elections. It is used as a roadmap to achieve the NCs mission and goals. Neighborhood Councils are required to submit a board approved budget at the beginning of each fiscal year (July 1). The budget must be submitted to the Department on the standardized template by the established deadline in order for a Neighborhood Council to continue to have access to funding. (Revised: 9/19/13) Submit your Budget before 07/12/13 Budget Package How-To

Submit all the Budget Package Docs:

1.2013/2014 Budget   2. Strategic Plan-  Online?  Word?   PDF? 3. Outreach Survey-  Online?   PDF? 4. Neighborhood Council Board Roster


When does the Neighborhood Council’s fiscal year begin? The Neighborhood Council’s fiscal year is aligned with the City’s fiscal year (July 1 through June 30) and is divided into four quarters:

  • 1st Quarter July 1 – September 30;
  • 2nd Quarter October 1 – December 31;
  • 3rd Quarter January 1 – March 31; and
  • 4t Quarter April 1 – June 30.

(Revised: 01/08/09) What do I do if our Neighborhood Council has  revised it’s Budget?  Submit your revised budget to the Department for review, with Board Vote Count Form, to make sure that we have your current budget on file and accurate. All budget revisions require the same treatment as your original Budget and need to be Board approved. Change in your Board Roster? let know. Changing Treasurer or Second Signatory? Make sure all of your confirmation documents including the name and contact information of the new treasurer and  a board resolution or minutes confirming his/her appointment Letter of Acknowledgement and Board Vote Count Form are submitted to the Department. The new treasurer must attend the Treasurer’s Training provided by the Funding Program staff to ensure they are fully up to date with all new policies and programs before they may obtain access to their NC funding. Once the new treasurer completes the required funding forms (Charge Card forms 1-3) and the training, a new card will be issued and they will have complete access to their NC funding. Questions? Contact funding via or by phone at (213) 978-1551  as soon as possible to avoid confusion.


After certification and the installation of a Governing Board, the Neighborhood Council Treasurer and the Board member identified as the second signatory must register to attend the required Neighborhood Council Treasurer Training. At the conclusion of the training or soon thereafter, the Treasurer and the second signatory will need to provide the following documents in order to complete the process and gain access to funding:

    1. A board resolution or minutes confirming their appointment as Treasurer and Second Signatory
    2. A signed Letter of Acknowledgment
    3. A signed Purchase Card Agreement of Responsibilities
    4. A signed US Bank Purchase Card form (cardholder only)

  Payment Methods- Pre-Checking Account There are three options for you in making your purchases:

(Revised: 10/15/10)


Neighborhood Council Inventory Form - Form to be used to track qualified inventory items. Please refer to the Treasurer Handbook for detailed instructions. Annual Funding How much funding can the Neighborhood Council receive annually? Currently the annual appropriation for each Neighborhood Council is $37,000. (Revised: 03/20/13) Equipment Lease How can Neighborhood Councils best obtain photocopiers? Neighborhood Councils may contact the Department of General Services to take advantage of the City’s contract for lower-priced copiers. The explanation and related contact information is available on the General Services website at The advantage of the City Wide Copier Program is cost efficiency and it saves the Neighborhood Council maintenance and repairs costs. (Revised: 02/09/06) Joining Chamber of Commerce or Other Organizations Can the Neighborhood Council join a chamber of commerce or other such organization? No. Under the City Charter an NC is an advisory body and cannot join private organizations such as chambers of commerce. However, Neighborhood Councils can interact with private organizations in activities, such as implementing neighborhood improvement projects. NCs are encouraged to participate with other organizations as much as possible. An individual stakeholder or board member of the Neighborhood Council is free to join any private organization. (Revised: 10/15/10) Office Depot Office Depot offers Neighborhood Councils a variety of discounts, and NCs are encouraged to take advantage of this program. What is the Stake holder Definition? Certified Neighborhood Councils shall be diverse, inclusive, and open to all Community Stakeholders. A Community Stakeholder is defined per CF 12-1682 : Stake Holder Definition as of 12/23/13 Are there any discounts associated with using particular vendors? Yes. Please see below for details. Office Depot Office Depot offers Neighborhood Councils a variety of discounts, and NCs are encouraged to take advantage of this program. Can NCs hire Staff? No.  The Department has developed a special program for NCs with four temporary personnel services organizations; Apple One Employment Services, Lloyd Staffing Services, and Partners in Diversity, Inc., which have contracts with the City. Through the Demand Warrant or Auto Deduction process, you may use your funds to pay for temporary clerical and/or accounting services.

Neighborhood Council Funding Program Overview

Getting Funded

EmpowerLA Treasurer Handbook

Budget Submission

NC City Check Payment Tracker


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  • Robert Dager

    Sep 08, 2013

    Can a Neighborhood Council hire ( through the 4 city temporary personnel services ) a person to do the accounting and paper work of the Treasurer's office ? What are the rules of what this person can/can't do ?