Get it in Writing!

It’s great to have opinions, especially when others agree with you, but it’s even better if that opinion ends up on paper so that it can be shared with others, perhaps gathering momentum as it moves forward.

The Lake Balboa Neighborhood Council recently agendized the subject of “Stakeholder Definition” and then passed a motion supporting changes to the City of LA’s Administrative Code, specifying the following changes;

  1. Remove the requirement that neighborhood councils provide governing board positions for factual basis stakeholders;
  2. Allow each neighborhood council to determine the number, if any, of governing board seats that be allocated to factual basis stakeholders;
  3. Remove the current definition of factual basis stakeholder; and
  4. Allow each neighborhood council to adopt its own definition of factual basis stakeholder.

Attached is the Board Resolution, literally suitable for framing, and forwarded to the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners as well as the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment.

This is how Neighborhood Councils turn opinions into actions.

The Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council recently agendized the subject of Neighborhood Council Budgets and Elections and then passed a motion calling on the City of LA to act, specifying the following guidelines;

Whereas, over the past few years, the City has cut the budget of the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE), to the point where it is incapable of performing all the functions mandated in City Charter Section 901, and

Whereas, if the City’s proposal to require Neighborhood Councils to subsidize the City Clerk’s and DONE’s 2014 election budgets through a 20% funding cut is implemented in violation of Section 20.36 of the Administrative Code, the ERNC will be unable to perform all the functions required of it by Sections 907 – 910 of the City Charter, and

Whereas, if the Neighborhood Councils’ budgets are cut even further in the Mayor’s budget for the next fiscal year, the ERNC will be unable to provide the services that Eagle Rock has come to rely on,

Whereas, the all-volunteer Directors of active and engaged Neighborhood Councils like the ERNC assist, and often perform the same duties as, salaried City employees, thereby providing the City with potentially over $500,000 in free labor per NC every year,

Therefore, the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council moves:

– That the City fully fund the Neighborhood Councils’ 2014 elections, without taking 20% of the NCs’ budgets,
– That the City impose no further across-the-board cuts to Neighborhood Councils’ annual budgets, and restore the ERNC’s annual funding to $50,000, and
– That the City fully fund the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment, so that it can perform the functions required of it by the City Charter.

The Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council then released the Board Resolution to the local Patch so that the entire community could enjoy the fruits of their labor, as well as the Mayor and the City Council.

Speak up, get it in writing, and share it with others.

(photo by Ajay Singh)

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