Give Me Shelter

Last week, we sent out a How-To on running ads on Bus Benches. Bus Shelter Advertising is another great way to do outreach for the upcoming Neighborhood Council elections.

Similar to bus benches, the fee for placing bus shelter ads has been waived for Neighborhood Councils! However, there is still a printing cost per bus shelter ad.

Below are 6 simple steps in getting your ads on a bus shelter:

Step 1: Create the artwork or have a graphic artist create it for you. You must have the Los Angeles City Seal incorporated in the design (download the city seal here). Additionaly, the artwork must meet these specifications.

Step 2: Send digital artwork to Lance Oishi via email at Please ask Lance to approve your artwork and send it to Outfront Media (the bus shelter company).

Step 3: Contact Jen Turquand at Outfront Media and ask for available bus shelters within your boundaries. Provide her with a map of your Neighborhood Council, so that she knows where your boundaries start and end.

Step 4: Jen will respond to you within a few days, providing you with available bus shelter locations. Choose the bus shelter(s) you would like, and ask Jen to reserve them for you.

Step 5: Send your artwork and the quantity of each design to a print shop of your choice; each print will cost about $60-80, depending on the quantity. To have your bus shelters printed at the Department of General Services – Publishing, contact Ron Gallegos To print your bus shelters at Outfront Media, contact Jen Turquand at You may go to any other print shop, but please ask for pricing that is based on these specifications.

Step 6: Follow up with the print shop to see when the artwork is printed and ready. Either the print shop will deliver the artwork to Outfront Media, or they will ask you to do it.

Please remember that these bus shelters are subject to availability and your ad may be replaced by another paying customer at anytime.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments please email

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