GM’s Message 11.7.14

I hope this newsletter finds you well.  This past week, I was lucky enough to graduate from the City of Los Angeles’ first Black Belt Training by the Denver Peak Academy.  I and 16 other City employees from 9 departments (7 from our City, 1 from Austin, TX, and 1 from the State of CA) learned the principles of “Lean” government where we build a foundation of continuous improvement by simplifying processes and finding/eliminating areas of waste. 

GM Message 11.7.14

I want to thank the Mayor’s Office, particular Deputy Mayor Rick Cole, and the Personnel Department, especially Raelynn Napper and Ashley Stracke, for their support of this excellent program.  I also want to appreciate our Denver Peak Academy trainers (@DENpeakacademy), Brian Elms and Jerraud Coleman, who are truly outstanding.  We were lucky to have them come here to teach us. I will definitely be using the processes we learned to continue to streamline our work with Neighborhood Councils in order to support them better and more efficiently.

Speaking of support, please know that we do our best to respond to Neighborhood Council requests in a timely fashion because we appreciate the fact that you are volunteers with limited time to improve your communities.  Unfortunately, we are in a tight spot right now with 6 vacancies that we are unable to fill because of position freezes or other personnel issues. As a result, we cannot respond as quickly as we would like.  After providing updates on staffing this week to the Neighborhood Council Budget Advocates and Board of Neighborhood Commissioners, we are all working together to free these positions up for hire as soon as possible.

Many Neighborhood Councils are taking on a lot of planning and land use issues.  Please know that there is an alliance of Neighborhood Council leaders who focus on this topic – PlanCheckNC.  Their meeting is tomorrow so get together with your fellow planning and land use folks across the City to learn how to effectively advocate in these matters.

Please remember that will be in on Monday, November 10th, but closed on Tuesday, November 11th, in observance of Veteran’s Day.

Have a wonderful weekend!



Grayce Liu,
General Manager
Department of Neighborhood Empowerment aka EmpowerLA

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