GM’s Message 5.30.14

I hope this newsletter finds you well.  I am very excited to share that after almost a year of hard work, the Council File 14-0544, containing the contract for the Neighborhood Council checking accounts will be going to City Council for review and approval on Tuesday, June 3rd.  If they approve, we will finally be able to move ahead to open the checking accounts.  With the changes in the boards, please make sure that your Neighborhood Council Treasurer and Second Signatory have completed the bank paperwork so there will be no delay in opening your accounts.  Thank you very much to the Neighborhood Council leaders for their patience this past year with all the stops and starts.  Many thanks as well to Councilmembers Parks and Krekorian, City Attorney’s Office, Office of Finance, CAO and CLA for fast tracking the contract review to City Council. Keep your fingers crossed that we will finally have our checking accounts next month!

Speaking of funding, check out Los Feliz Neighborhood Council’s website detailing where they spent their FY 2013-2014 funds.  This is really a great way of keeping their stakeholders informed and a definitely a best practice.  Be on the lookout for FY 2014-2015’s budget package next week.  We’re putting some of the finishing touches on it, and rest assured that your Neighborhood Council will have plenty of time to complete and submit the package.

My apologies to Neighborhood Council of Westchester/Playa for last week’s Westside election numbers.  It was their Council, not Mar Vista, with 1135 voters.  With the close of elections, we’re frantically updating all of the board rosters on our website so give us another week or so to catch up on that.  We’ll be doing a citywide election wrap session on June 9th so please come and share with us what you’d like to see in the 2016 elections.  More info on this below.

This weekend is busy with the Alliance of River Communities holding their “Neighborhood Council Crash Course” in Glassell Park on Saturday (more info on our EmpowerLA Events Calendar) and Westside Neighborhood Council’s Pick Pico community event on Sunday. Also tomorrow, our field staff are supporting 2 Neighborhood Council retreats, and our funding staff is coming in to process pending demand warrants and purchase card increases.  Mayor Garcetti is hosting Hack for LA at City Hall this weekend as well.

If I don’t see you this weekend, have a great one!


Grayce Liu,
General Manager
Department of Neighborhood Empowerment aka EmpowerLA

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