Hack for LA Happening this Weekend!

Hack for LA, an event based on the concept of “civic hacking,” offers government agencies, businesses, nonprofits and civically engaged individuals the opportunity to work together to move into a new era of solving complex social problems through technology innovation.

Hack for LA is a call to action for anyone in Los Angeles who wants to make an impact. Anyone can get involved, irrespective of professional experience. Projects can address any challenge facing the community, such as a mobile app that enables drivers to report potholes, to platforms that address food and housing distribution for those in need. The first “hack-a-thon” was held in June 2013, with over 400 people participating and over 35 apps developed and submitted.

On May 31 and June 1 at City Hall, hundreds of participants in the third Hack for LA event will gather to work on innovative projects that use technology to improve city services and engage citizens in a meaningful way. Registration is now closed, and we look forward to seeing the creativity flow!

“Hack for LA is a great example of how we can harness technology and our city’s creativity to solve everyday problems,” said Mayor Eric Garcetti, praising the program’s emphasis on the innovative power of technology as a civic engagement tool. “I will closely partner with our tech industry to create jobs and bring innovation to City Hall so government works faster and more efficiently.”

Visit the Hack for LA website to learn more and sign up to receive information about future events.

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