Health Fair Outreach

Health Fairs are proving to be great Neighborhood Council outreach tools, delivering much more than a simple “day in the park” to the community and the Neighborhood Council.

Health Fairs offer the Neighborhood Council an opportunity to partner with other organizations in the community, establishing powerful networks of volunteerism that resonate long after the EZ-Ups come down. Creating the space and hosting other community groups is the synergy that connects school groups and church groups and resident associations with the Neighborhood Council, fulfilling the first Charter mandate – to engage the community.

Health Fairs also offer the City Departments an opportunity to meet stakeholders in the community, promoting the city services they deliver and hearing about any issues. Stakeholders can get a lot of work done at a well-organized Health Fair, connecting with their representatives and establishing working relationships.

Health Fairs provide City Departments such as Beautification an opportunity to shine, literally. Whether it’s combining a community clean-up with the Health Fair or complementing the event with an E-Waste pickup or a Hazardous Waste collection, Neighborhood Councils do the engaging and the Departments get an audience.

Health Fairs also connect communities with the many service providers who have a mandate to improve the health of Angelenos but sometimes have difficulty reaching them. healthy cities are filled with healthy communities made up of happy and healthy stakeholders who are connected with the many services that are available through the City of LA and the partnering agencies and authorities that support Angelenos.

Health Fairs also reflect the unique personality and character of the respective neighborhoods. Some have music, some add public safety elements, some focus on youth while others focus on seniors.

Take a look at the flyer for Harbor Gateway North’s 5th Annual Health Fair (also in Spanish), complete with lunch, Zumba and an opportunity to Hula Hoop with Councilman Joe Buscaino.

For inspiration, give the folks at Harbor Gateway North a call or call Park Mesa Heights to find out about their success with the Unity Fest or Tarzana NC to get prepared with an Emergency Preparedness and Public Safety Fair.

Most of all, have fun and make lots of friends and engage the community.

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