Highland Park Neighborhood Council Uses Tech to Engage Stakeholders

At this year’s Lummis Day celebration this past weekend, the Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council decided to try a simple tech upgrade to engage stakeholders and draw interest to their table. Instead of using traditional clipboards, HHPNC brought out their new iPad and allowed people to sign up for their email list by entering their information directly.


Using electronic devices to collect stakeholder information has several advantages:

  • Saves time on data entry – you no longer have to type in handwritten entries
  • Reduces errors – you won’t lose contacts due to illegible handwriting
  • Device screen can show photos and other media when not being used
  • No more scrambling for lost pens

The Neighborhood Council has also gained a “Verified” check on their Facebook page, confirming them as an official government organization and boosting the page’s online credibility. As far as we know, they are the only Neighborhood Council with a verified page so far – congratulations! You can find out more about Verified Facebook pages and the advantages they offer here.

Is your Neighborhood Council using a tech innovation to increase stakeholder engagement and get your message out to the community more efficiently? Let us know! Email us with your story and we’ll feature it in a future newsletter.

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