Housing is a Basic Human Right! They Count, So We Count.

The West Adams Neighborhood Council joined the 100,000 Homes Campaign, as a Count PLUS Community in partnership with the 2013 LAHSA Homeless Count.

A Count Plus Community means that we conducted an in depth homeless survey, Volunteers worked in teams to interview homeless individuals for the National Registry, and handed out box lunches to the homeless they come across for the survey.

35 Volunteers took part with the West Adams Campaign effort to identify persons vulnerable: The elderly and Veterans who are homeless by gathering data that will assist our community in getting the needed resources needed to help the homeless in our area obtain and sustain permanent housing. The area Covered: Washington Blvd. to the North; Crenshaw Blvd to the East; The LA / Culver city line to the West; Rodeo / MLK to the South. Our NC office located at 4712 W. Adams Blvd., served as the Deployment Center.

The 2013 Homeless Count, a 3-day Volunteer Event was such a huge learning opportunity for volunteers to better understand about some hidden pockets in our community, the verity of people facing homeless, and the need for services, entry-level job training & opportunities, & affordable housing.

It was wonderful to see board members and stakeholders working together.
(Maria Norris, West Adams NC Board Member)

Let us all count our blessings!

To all our Volunteers: Thank you for your support and interest in ending homelessness in the West Adams Community.

Again we thank all the volunteers that came out to make this very important community event a successful one. A special thank you to the West Adams Board Members and Stakeholders that attended all three nights of the survey and count, and a very special THANK YOU to our sponsors Serve You Right Catering who provided over 200 box lunches to feed the homeless during this three night event, and to Palms Community for the T-shirts for the volunteers, which served as identification and visibility of the volunteer, LAPD for the extra patrols making this event a safe one for our volunteers.

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