How To Pay Your Election Location Rental Bill

Most Neighborhood Councils have used or will use a location that has a rental fee for their Elections. To make sure that your rental bill gets paid, please submit your location invoices via email to EmpowerLA.Funding@LACity.org, and cc (carbon copy) that email to ManQin.He@LACity.org. Make sure to write “Election Polling Place” in the subject line of your email.

The Department of Neighborhood Empowerment will pay your bill, once it’s received. Up to $200 of the cost of Elections location rentals is covered by the Department; any rental fee in excess of $200 will be charged to the Neighborhood Council that used the location.

Has your Neighborhood Council already paid your location rental bill?
Please submit a copy of your location invoice to the email addresses given above, and indicate that the invoice was already paid.

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