LAX embraces Change

Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) wants input on how it can improve Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and is asking Neighborhood Council boardmembers and stakeholders to help by participating in the Specific Plan Amendment Study (SPAS) process.

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LAWA’s current efforts continue a long planning process to modernize the airport to reflect its critical role as a gateway to Los Angeles. As you visit the airport, you will see that the work to improveLAX is already underway. LAWA is now undertaking a study of the unresolved elements of the LAX Master Plan, known as the Specific Plan Amendment Study or “SPAS.”

SPAS identifies potential amendments to the LAX Specific Plan that plan for the modernization and improvement of LAX in a manner designed for a practical capacity of 78.9 Million Annual Passengers (MAP) while enhancing safety and security, minimizing environmental impacts on the surrounding communities, and creating conditions that encourage airlines to use other airports in the region.

In July 2012, LAWA released the SPAS Report and a Draft Environmental Impact Report which identified and evaluated nine potential alternatives to certain components of the previously-approved LAX Master Plan that included various configurations for the north airfield, terminal improvements and LAX’s ground transportation system. After an extensive review of public comments received during a public-comment period; staff analysis of the environmental impacts of each alternative; and review of SPAS Project Objectives, the LAWA staff recommended an Alternative. This Alternative was approved by the Board of Airport Commissioners on February 5, 2013.

While LAWA can’t anticipate the outcome, the public is assured that LAWA will make every effort to listen, provide the best information available, and deliver a program for LAX that is efficient, safe, sustainable, feasible, and financially responsible. LAWA invites you to learn more about LAX SPAS at and make your voice heard by decision-makers.

Neighborhood Councils have an opportunity to play a role in a process that the entire community can be proud of.

If you have specific questions about LAX SPAS, contact SPAS Program Director Diego Alvarez at (424) 646-5179.

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