Lifestyles of the Well-Connected

Neighborhood Councils have a mandate to connect their stakeholders with City hall and one of the simplest ways to do that is with their website and links that take visitors to the City of LA and to EmpowerLA.

This is such a fundamental strategy for connecting that EmpowerLA offers several ways to find local Neighborhood Councils from the EmpowerLA website. In return, the simple request is that the Neighborhood Councils put an EmpowerLA button on their home page.

The EmpowerLA button should always be there.

Some councils ask “How does that benefit a Neighborhood Council?”

Answer: Neighborhood Councils exist to connect their stakeholders with the City of LA and it starts with connecting with EmpowerLA. In addition, websites benefit in search engine placement based on two elements; content and links (incoming and outgoing). NC websites that link to others do better than silo websites that exist in a vacuum. Get Linked!

The Elections button should also be there until the new NC Board is seated. “But we wrote a great article on the Call for Candidates and think that more informative!” protests council that would rather feature a blog post on elections until the next topic pushes it down the line.

Response: The Elections button is basic branding, allowing people who are interested in anything election related to click that button and find the IEA, the Call for Candidates, the Elections Calendar, the upcoming events, the election day information, the challenges, the resolutions, and anything election related. Floating articles that disappear as new articles appear are great but temporal. Post the button and then do anything else that complements, but don’t do less.

Neighborhood Councils typically position their website as the foundation of their identity and outreach strategy, posting information on their council, their meetings, their agendas, and their activities.

For this to work, there must be links to the councils partners and activities.

Take a look at two Neighborhood Councils that get it, Reseda Neighborhood Council and the Hollywood United Neighborhood Council.

In short, if visitors to a Neighborhood Council’s website can’t simply click a button and got to EmpowerLA or to the Regional Elections page, we’re not really connected and that is a major outreach failure.

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