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You too can Make Music!

Make Music Day is a worldwide, daylong celebration of free, public, outdoor music on the summer solstice.

Last year organizers in over 800 cities around the world participated by helping to turn their entire city into a stage. Anyone who played music — all styles, all ages, all skill levels — performed for free for their communities on rooftops, store fronts, parks and porches, and anyone could host a concert.

This movement started in France in 1982 with an event called Fête de la Musique, or “Make Music” in English. Today, it has become an international phenomenon, and hundreds of millions of people worldwide celebrate, create, and share music in public spaces on June 21st.  It has recently gained momentum in North America, with nineteen cities participating in last year including “Make Music New York,” “Make Music LA” and “Make Music Madison.”

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Why We Do It

The Make Music movement affirms the importance of music and its role in building and bridging communities through performance and enjoyment: amateur musicians play with passion, professionals’ meet new audiences. It’s the perfect opportunity for your store or business to host an event and create more music makers. So tap your feet, grab an instrument, amp up and bring your community together for the worldwide celebration of music!

Who Participates?

More than 800 cities in 110 countries hold official celebrations for music on June 21st with free, openly accessible concerts, music lessons, and participatory performances.

Even if your city is not yet on the list, you can still join in with your own event – and if you want to start up a celebration in your city, there are resources and a community to help! You can find a map of participating cities and ways to start a new celebration at

  • Invite your customers or a specific community group to participate in a public, hands-on, music-making event in your business or local park.
    • Host a Drum circle
    • Hold a guitar play along for customers and community members
    • See for more hands-on Mass Appeal ideas.
      • Host a day of outdoor concerts for all of your music lesson students in your community. 
        • Unite all of your flute players for a flute troop play along
        • Host a trumpet brigade fanfare
        • Create an outdoor string Suzuki slam recital
  • Create an instrument making percussion event with young children.
    • Ask children to bring a coffee can and provide construction paper for decoration
    • Partner with a local hardware store for a hands on percussion fun day
    • Create frame drums easily with packing tape and picture frames
    • For more information contact
      • Hold a jam session. Invite customers, their friends, your employees, and the community as a whole to bring their musical instruments to your business for a Make Music Day jam session.
      • Host a concert or a battle of the bands. Invite a school chorus, church group or other community band to perform at your business. You may already host these types of performances; by scheduling on June 21st, you can ramp up your promotion by aligning with Make Music Day.

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