Mapping the City’s (and Your) Real Estate Portfolio

The City of Los Angeles owns almost 9,000 properties in LA County. But where are they?

Today my office released PropertyPanel.LA, the most comprehensive map ever produced of properties owned by the City of Los Angeles, and issued a call for L.A. to appoint a Chief Asset Manager to oversee its extensive portfolio of real estate holdings.

Go To: PropertyPanel.LA

Our goal in releasing this information is to enable the City to capitalize on its real estate holdings, which include police and fire stations, pools and parks — but also a wide-ranging collection of commercial, residential and industrial buildings, as well as vacant land. The extent of the holdings revealed by this map shows that we as a City have the opportunity to engage in widespread economic and community development, as well as to generate revenue for much-needed City services.

But to get there, we’ll need to take the guesswork out of our processes and empower a Chief Asset Manager with real estate expertise to develop an overall strategy for the City and create mechanisms by which the City can hear from those who have ideas for how we can put these properties to their best use.

Read the Letter to the Mayor and Council

Now it’s your turn: Affordable housing. Community garden. Homeless shelter. Art space. Soccer field. Parking garage. Police station. Commercial development. How do you think the City should use the properties in the map? Click here to share your ideas.

L.A. City Controller Ron Galperin

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