Municipal Election Reform Commission Wraps Up June 4

After the unfortunately low turnout in the 2013 municipal elections, Mayor Garcetti and Council President Herb Wesson decided to form a 9-member Municipal Elections Reform Commission to find ways to increase civic engagement in Los Angeles.

The Commission invited all Angelenos to share their ideas on how to increase interest and participation in city elections at a series of Community Input Meetings..

They asked:

What can the City do to increase voter turnout?

How can the City engage voters prior to and on Election Day?

How should same-day voter registration be maximized?

Would you be more inclined to vote IF:

– the City changed its election dates?

– Election Day were on a weekend?

– the City offered locations for early voting prior to Election Day?

Starting in late May, the last of these community meetings takes place Wednesday, June 4, in Boyle Heights at Boyle Heights Civic Center, 2130 E. 1st Street, Los Angeles. If you live in the area, share your thoughts with the Commission! They rely on the input of community members to make their recommendations on how we can do elections better in the City of Los Angeles. Stay tuned for their findings.

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