NC Agenda Posting Policy Has Been Updated

The posting policy for Neighborhood Council agendas has been updated by the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners. As before, Neighborhood Councils are required to post meeting agendas for Board and Committee meetings in compliance with the Brown Act.

Highlights of the new policy:

  • Neighborhood Councils must post at least ONE Brown Act compliant agenda at a physical location within the council boundaries (as opposed to the previous requirement for five locations), as well as on their website or webpage made available to them on ourĀ Empower LA website.
  • If the Neighborhood Council does not maintain a website, they must continue to comply with the FIVE location requirement.
  • Additional agendas posted within Neighborhood Council boundaries must be Brown Act compliant. This does not preclude additional agendas from being posted at other locations relevant to stakeholders.
  • Neighborhood Councils shall submit a copy of all regular and special Board and Committee agendas to the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment to be posted through the Early Notification System (ENS). The agenda for regular meetings must be submitted no less than 72 hours in advance of the meeting, and the agenda for special meetings shall be submitted no less than 24 hours in advance of the meeting.

The updated policy can be viewed here.

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