NC Elections: Poll Managers Sought

A month from now the first 2014 Neighborhood Council elections will be held: Saturday, March 1 in the Northwest San Fernando Valley (Region 2), with the other three Valley Regions following each week thereafter.

Each NC’s election is unique since each NC has its own Board structure and Bylaws. To assure every NC election is well run, EmpowerLA is recruiting a Poll Manager and Assistant Poll Manager for each location.

These Managers are responsible for set up, overseeing the day’s voting and volunteers, cleaning up and supervising the tallying of the ballots. They are paid a modest stipend for six to ten hours of effort, depending upon the Polling Place hours.

If you are interested in applying for one of these positions, please apply online here.

As the Neighborhood Council elections begin, there are also many opportunities to be a volunteer poll worker with less of a time commitment.

In 2012, there were 429 dedicated volunteers from throughout the City, stepping forward to help their neighboring NCs, and some even volunteered at the other side of the City from their residences.

Can you help out for two to three hours? Please sign up online here.

Lydia Grant, the Neighborhood Commissioner who oversees the North Valley, stated, “I’m very excited about the upcoming Neighborhood Council elections and I would like to see everyone participate whether as a candidate, a voter, or a volunteer.”

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