Neighborhood Council Budget Day 2015

NC Budget Day June 27, 2015

At the beginning of the calendar year, Neighborhood Council leaders meet with the Mayor of the City of Los Angeles and his budget team to present their budget findings and recommendations. But the City Budget journey begins months earlier, with the selection of NC Budget Advocates, enlisting the support of NC Budget Representatives, and continues through the year, engaging the community in working with the Mayor and City Council to create the most powerful and effective budget for the City of Los Angeles.

It all begins as Neighborhood Councils name two Budget Representatives to represent their council at Budget Day presentations by City officials and will conclude in the afternoon with the selection of the Budget Advocates who will work on the budget survey, meet with city leadership, and make the final budget recommendations in the Spring.

Neighborhood Council Budget Day
Saturday, June 27, 2015

7:30 AM – Registration

8:30 AM – Presentations

12:30 PM – Closing Remarks
(Note: newly-elected NC Budget Advocates will convene until 2:00
pm to elect officers and begin planning)

Board of Public Works Room
City Hall
200 N. Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

All are invited to this free event.

To RSVP, register online at

…or call 424-295-NCBA with name, contact info, and NC affiliation (if any).

To reserve parking, include your vehicle’s make, model, & plate number.



Roles of each Neighborhood Council (NC)

  1. The NC Budget Advocate process was created to help NCs better utilize the opportunity provided to them in the City Charter, which is the ability to present an annual list of budget priorities to the Mayor and City Council. In order to support the Budget Advocate process, every NC is asked to elect or appoint two Neighborhood Council Budget Representatives (BRs). (Note: BRs can be either board members or stakeholders.)
  2. Every NC is asked to agendize at their monthly board meetings a report from their 2 BRs.
  3. Every NC is asked to have every board member and all stakeholders to take the budget survey in early 2016.

Neighborhood Council Budget Representatives (BRs) do the following:

  1. attend Neighborhood Council Budget Day on June 27, 2015
  2. contact their Budget Advocate (BA) to receive updates to share at their monthly NC board meetings
  3. communicate their NC board’s priorities to their BAs
  4. attend Regional Budget Day in the spring
  5. organize Budget Day 2016

Neighborhood Council Budget Advocates (BAs) do the following:

  1. solicit input from the BRs in their region
  2. send a monthly report to their BRs
  3. learn about budget basics
  4. help develop budget survey
  5. attend Regional Budget Day
  6. communicate the NCs’ priorities at meeting with Mayor (tbd)
  7. generally have a time commitment of two monthly meetings (as determined by BAs), periodic meetings with officials, meeting with Mayor in spring (tbd), possible efforts with City Council, follow-up meetings to set up next year
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