New Urbanism Film Festival Brings Together Art and Urban Design

The New Urbanism Film Festival, taking place this weekend (November 6-9), seeks to broaden the conversation about how we design our cities. Instead of preaching design principles in academic books, codes, and seminars, the festival’s creators use movies, animation, and webseries to show how urban design affects our everyday life.

New Urbanism is about making better places–walkable neighborhoods, tree lined streets, neighborhoods with mixed housing and job opportunities, parks and green spaces, architecture and design within the context of the environment, celebrating local history and resources.

It’s an architecture movement, an urban planning movement, an environmental movement, a design movement, a safety movement. How’s it moving you? How’s it moving others? That’s what the festival is about: New Urbanists and filmmakers sharing their successes and efforts to change the way we design our neighborhoods so that we can all live in better places.

The primary venue for screenings will be ACME Theater in Hollywood, at 135 N La Brea Avenue. Additional screenings will take place at LAB ART Gallery, located at 217 S La Brea. Tickets and day passes for the event are available online for $5-20. Visit for more information and screening schedules.

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