New Year’s Resolution: Have Great Bylaws!

The Department is now accepting Bylaw Amendment Applications until June 1, 2013. If the 2012 elections made your Neighborhood Council realize that your bylaws aren’t all that they can be, please take the time now to work on them. Remember, if you are going to change your boundaries or Board structure, these changes take additional time because they must go to the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners for final review. No bylaw amendments are effective until they are approved by the Department or if necessary, by the Commission. The June 1, 2013 deadline allows us to make sure your bylaws will be finalized in time for the 2014 election cycle, which will begin in spring of 2014.

If you need assistance with your bylaws, please contact the Neighborhood Council Support Helpline at or by calling (213) 978-1551.

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