News From Field Operations 12.6.13

I hope our newsletter finds you well. With the holidays fast approaching, I want to let you know that some staff will be taking some very much needed time off and will be back at the beginning of the year re-energized and ready to go.

With Neighborhood Council elections just a few months away, I would like to encourage you to work with your assigned staff member and the Elections team to ensure that your efforts to conduct outreach are successful. I hope you implement some of the tools you might have picked up from our Connectivity sessions. Remember that nothing replaces the face to face contact as you go out to inform and organize your community around any issue. At the start of 2014, we will be rolling out additional training for the Winter quarter of the year, so more to come on that.

I want to remind you to continue sending us your agendas at so that we may review, give you feedback and post them on ENS. Also, please pay attention to the Community Impact Statement process, if you are not a current user of this tool, please contact our staff so that they may assist you in setting up a username and password in order to access the system so you can begin to weigh in on issues important to your community.

I would like to thank Melvin Canas, Neighborhood Empowerment Advocate, working in the North East and North West Valley, for hosting and coordinating the visit of a small delegation from Malaysia. The delegates visited us through the U.S. Department of State International Visitors Program. We were fortunate to be among the company of a State Assemblyman from Malaysia and a Senior Analyst for the Prime Minister’s Department. The Assemblyman, is a leader within Malaysia’s opposition coalition and also the Vice President of the Democratic Party’s National Youth Wing. The Senior Analyst works for the Performance Management and Delivery Unit within the Prime Minister’s Department. While in U.S. the visitors would like to gain an understanding of the role of citizens, media, and civil society in fostering good governance at the local, state and federal levels. Among those welcoming the delegation were Department’s General Manager Grayce Liu; one of our newer Board of Neighborhood Commissioners member, Olivia Rubio and NEAs Melvin Canas and Thomas Soong. The participants enjoyed their visit with the Department and I am sure they will be spreading the news on the robust and cutting edge Neighborhood Council System in Los Angeles.

If you have any general questions or need help troubleshooting on any issues, please contact the Department’s Help Line at (213) 978-1551.

Thank you for the great work you do for your community and your neighborhood!


Leyla A. Campos
Director of Field Operations

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