News from Field Operations 2.21.13

Dear NC Leaders,

By now, you might have received communication from staff introducing themselves and asking for time on your agenda. Staff have been attending, and will continue to attend your meetings as time and priorities permit. Our Neighborhood Empowerment Advocates (NEAs) will be approaching you to meet and greet you and observe and assess the operations of your Neighborhood Council. Please look upon staff as a resource and a partner to assist you on an array of issues. A number of NCs have also now had some interaction with volunteer members of our Councils for Councils Program, C4C. Again, the Department embarked in this pilot project in 2011 to provide more assistance to NCs, and we would like to hear from you regarding the program’s effectiveness so far and where we need to make adjustments. Please know that we are beginning to have conversations around the timeline for recruitment of future C4C members; we will release more information on the subject at a later time.

My staff have also been working diligently on our training and education schedule which is attached for your reference. As you know, toward the end of last year our training focus revolved around basic education on NC laws, rules, regulations and best practices. The discussions focused around the nuts and bolts of NCs and roles and responsibilities of board members in order to be effective leaders in the NC system. The upcoming round of regional trainings addresses the next level of empowerment and building upon your tool box. We will be focusing on your role as advocates in your community and we will provide an overview of the current tools available to NCs to be effective advocates and lobbyists. You will hear from various leaders, including NC leaders,who will share their techniques, approach and strategy in order to be effective agents of change and impact in their neighborhoods. We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming Ethics & Open Government trainings sessions conducted by the City Attorney’s Office on February 21 in the Valley and March 4 in South Los Angeles.

In addition to providing support and resources to you in the field, via their attendance at your meetings and training and education, field staff is also assisting you in their assigned regions to process your Demand Warrants (DWs) and Neighborhood Purposes Grants (NPGs). As my counterpart in Funding, Mr. Armando Ruiz might have already shared with you, field staff reviewing your funding documents will move documents forward if they are complete and will return those back to you that are deemed incomplete. Please help us to better assist you by turning in complete DWs and NPGs so that staff can process without unnecessary delays. Also, just to reiterate from last week, any questions and/or concerns about your Contracts & Leases, for the time being, can be directed to your assigned field staff.

As always, we are a phone call or e-mail away.


Leyla A. Campos
Director of Field Operations

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