News from Field Operations 5.28.15

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The Department’s Field Divsion worked with the Board of Neighborhood Commissioner at their 5/18/15 which took place at City Hall and pushed forward 9 Bylaw Adjustment Applications with Board Structure Changes. Staff hope to finalize presenting the rest of the board structure changes at the upcoming Commission meetings. Thank you for your diligence in getting these important documents over to us for processing. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the bylaws submission, please contact your Neighborhood Empowerment Advocate (NEAs) directly.

Stipulation Sheets…
We can’t emphasize enough the importance of meeting the June 1, 2015 deadline regarding stipulation worksheets. It is critical that your board agendize for discussion and vote the Procedures Stipulation Worksheet; this document was sent to each individual NC from NCSupport@lacity.org some time ago. If you require your respective stipulation worksheet to be sent to you again, please contact your assigned Neighborhood Empowerment Advocate (NEA) and let them know you need it; if you’d like assistance or guidance through the worksheet, please also let us know as the NEAs will be happy to assist you with this very important document.

Please note that field staff continue to partner with our volunteer program, Councils for Councils – C4C. Our volunteers have more recently been asked to help with some of the MERs that have not come in and also are being asked to follow up with you in regards to some of your funding requests that might be missing information and/or that might have been deemed incomplete for a variety of reasons. Please provide the courtesy of your attention and time since our C4C volunteers are aiming to help you complete these funding requests so that the Department may pay them by the end of the fiscal year.

Work Plan…
Thank you for your patience and flexibility as we try to meet our key administrative deadlines and address competing priorities for the months of May and June of this year. As I shared with you some time ago, the field staff are not able to attend your meetings as regularly as we would like at this time. Again, we need concentrated time to focus on updating bylaws and working with you on your stipulation worksheets. If you need assistance, please contact the Department’s Help Line at (213) 978-1551 or e-mail us at NCSupport@lacity.org We hope to have most of this work completed by the end of June, at which time we may resume our meeting attendance and other key activities that we perform in order to assist and support your daily work and overall operations of your Neighborhood Council.

Agendas & CIS…
Thank you for sending your agendas to NCSupport@lacity.org We apologize if you have experienced any delays in the posting of your agendas. Please note that our servers are still down and this has impacted our process to upload to the Early Notification System. As of the beginning of the fiscal year, July 2014 to present, we have received 3201 agendas which have been posted to the Early Notification System (ENS). Please continue to send them in and don’t forget that we need them in pdf format. You will be surprised as to the amount of extra time required from staff when agendas come in in a format that is not pdf. Please help us be more efficient by sending your agendas in pdf format. With regards to Community Impact Statements (CIS) since start of the fiscal year, we are up again at 207! Kudos to those NCs making use of this great and unique tool! Congratulations on your CIS participation, we see it increasing every week and are thrilled that you are being proactive about weighing in on issues concerning your community.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach us at NCSupport@lacity.org or by calling the Department’s Help Line at (213) 978-1551.


Leyla A. Campos
Director of Field Operations

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