Nominate Your Favorite Neighborhood Council For An EmpowerLA Award Today!

For more than a decade, Neighborhood Councils in Los Angeles have pursued their dual mission of promoting more citizen participation in government, and making government more responsive to local needs. Today, 95 Neighborhood Councils represent every corner of City of Los Angeles, and serve as the vital conduits between the City’s government and its people. By engaging residents of this City at the grassroots, neighborhood level with the elected officials and agencies that serve them, Neighborhood Councils ensure the proper and effective functioning of democracy in Los Angeles.

In addition to mobilizing tens of thousands of Angelenos, Neighborhood Councils bridge the gaps that City agencies leave behind.

Neighborhood Councils invest in infrastructure and beautification efforts to make their neighborhoods more livable. Neighborhood Councils support the local schools, libraries and nonprofits that provide vital services to their communities. And Neighborhood Councils fund the arts and community events that keep this City vibrant.

Each year, the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners celebrates the achievements of Neighborhood Councils by presenting EmpowerLA Awards to those certified Neighborhood Councils that best achieve their mission to engage their local stakeholders with government and make their government more accountable and responsive to the needs of their communities.

Nominations can be submitted online at and must be submitted by July 12, 2013. Neighborhood Councils can self-nominate

The EmpowerLA Awards are intended to highlight the highest ideals of inclusiveness, non-discrimination, transparency, and independence for the Neighborhood Council system. Through the EmpowerLA Awards, the Commission hopes to encourage Neighborhood Councils to be continually elevating the standards and best practices for community engagement, and improving their effectiveness for the coming decades.

The Commission will accept nominations for EmpowerLA Awards until July 12, 2013. Winners will receive their awards at the Annual LA Congress of Neighborhoods that will be held in September 28, 2013.

For more information on the EmpowerLA awards, the Commission, or the Neighborhood Councils, email or call 213-978-1551.

Visit for information on the 2012 EmpowerLA Awards and the seven Neighborhood Councils that were honored at the Congress of Neighborhoods and by the City Council.

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