North West Valley Candidate Filing Closes

January 15, 2014, marked the end of candidate filing for the Neighborhood Council (NC) Region 2.

Candidate signup was tremendous! Over 120 candidates filed to join the ranks of leaders in Los Angeles’ NC. Candidates who filed by the deadline will have until 5:00 p.m., January 21 to provide documentation to establish their stakeholder status for the seat they are seeking.

Region 2 includes Granada Hills North NC, Granada Hills South NC, North Hills West NC, Northridge East NC, Northridge West NC, and Porter Ranch NC.

If you are considering running in any of the other NC regions, we have compiled a couple of tips to help you through the process.

1) Fill out all required information of the Candidate Filing Form. Your contact information is the most critical in case we have to contact you.

2) Make sure the documentation you are providing is specific to the status(es) you have to establish for the seat you are seeking. For example, a candidate filing for a homeowner seat must provide identification that proves they are a homeowner.

3) Refer to the List of Acceptable Forms of Documentation. The List is there to help you understand the type of documentation you’ll need for each type of stakeholder status. Contact our office if you’ve got questions. We’re happy to help.

NOTE: When providing two items from List B of the List of Acceptable Forms of Documentation, make sure that at least one of the forms of IDs has an asterisks by them. These items are required to establish the stakeholder status for that specific seat.

4) Your name must appear on documentation. Remember that your name has to appear on whatever documentation you are providing to establish your stakeholder status.

5) Make sure you meet the age requirements for the seats. This is especially the case with the Senior and Youth seats. You can check for the age requirements for the seat on the NC’s 2014 Election page on the EmpowerLA website at:

6) Include a Candidate Statement. They are optional, but we highly recommend that you
use the opportunity to let your neighborhood know why you’re the best candidate to represent
them. Candidate statements have to be submitted by the close of candidate filing and should be no more than 150 words.

7) Don’t submit duplicate filing forms. If a you’ve already filed and want to submit a candidate statement or photograph, you should email those to

8) Candidate names will appear on the DONE website within 24 hours of their submission online. Hard copy Candidate Filing Forms will appear on the DONE website within 24 hours of the City Clerk receiving them (not including weekends or City holidays).

10) Include your documentation. We can’t approve your candidacy without your documentation. NOTE: Incumbents must provide supporting documentation. Things change. People move. It’s important that you establish your stakeholder status as of today.

Candidates may file online or in person. If you would like to file online as a candidate for your NC, go to the NC list above, click on the link to your NC, then on the 2014 Election button on that NC’s page.

You will find a link to file your candidacy, a listing of the seats that will be elected in 2014, and the requirements to run and vote for each seat.

If you prefer to file in person, you may come to our office (located at 555 Ramirez Street, Space 300, Los Angeles, CA 90012), go to the EmpowerLA Valley Satellite Office (located at 14410 Sylvan Street, 4th Floor, Van Nuys, CA 91401), or you can contact the Independent Election Administrator assigned to your region at or call 818-293-VOTE (8683).

“Like” the City Clerk’s NC Election Facebook Page for updates on the candidate filing process.

To look up what NC you’re in, click this link:

For a listing of all NCs, click this link:

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