Each week, the EmpowerLA newsletter goes out to over 15,000 subscribers, including board and committee members of all 97 Neighborhood Councils. If your Neighborhood Council has a story for our newsletter, here’s how to share it.

Newsletter items should be of interest to other Neighborhood Councils in your area, or across the City. For example, an announcement about a regional health or emergency preparedness fair makes an excellent newsletter submission. News that is only relevant to stakeholders within your Council boundaries, on the other hand, is better shared on a platform like NextDoor, which allows you to only target those who live locally.

How to submit your news

To submit your newsletter stories, you may either upload your materials to this portal, or click the “Your Story” button on the EmpowerLA homepage (circled in the image above), then select “Newsletter Submissions.”

Including pictures makes your story more compelling. Images should be landscape/horizontal orientation, for best results. If you wish to create your own graphics, the header images for our blog posts are 705 pixels wide X 340 pixels tall. If you don’t know how to crop and resize your images to be a specific size, don’t worry; we will resize the images uploaded with your story for you.

Submissions deadline

Newsletters are published every Friday. The deadline to submit material for inclusion in a particular newsletter is Wednesday of that same week at 5 PM. Material received after that time will not be able to be published that Friday, but may appear in a future newsletter. Please note that submissions are not automatically guaranteed space in the EmpowerLA newsletter, and inclusion is subject to space and relevancy considerations.

Outreach Tip Of The Week is an ongoing series on using communications, branding, marketing, and public relations to build better relationships with your stakeholders. Send your outreach questions to annmarie@empowerla.org for the chance to be featured in a future Outreach Tip article. 

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