Outreach Tip: Creating A Local Physical Presence

When done correctly, outreach techniques that create a local physical presence, such as posting printed promo material or having a team at a community event, are among the most effective ways to connect with your stakeholders.

This is because your Neighborhood Council has an audience that is at once incredibly broad – in terms of age, cultural background, or type of community involvement – yet very narrowly focused, because they are contained within a fairly small geographic area. Not all of them will be on Facebook, but they probably all shop at the same few grocery or drugstores.

Stores, banks, parks, local festivals and farmer’s markets are all examples of places that get heavy traffic from a diverse cross-section of people who live, work, or have other routine involvement in a community. That makes them great places to post or distribute your council’s printed promotional material, like posters, flyers, or brochures. Increasing awareness of your council in this very local, concrete way can often reach a wider range of stakeholders than you’d reach advertising on radio, newspapers or social media. Often, it is also more cost-effective, as well. (Make sure to ask permission first, before putting up posters or leaving a stack of brochures!)

When you create printed outreach materials, it’s a good idea to always include contact info for your Neighborhood Council (website, email, phone number) as well as the day/location of your monthly board meeting. It’s also helpful to make these materials in multiple languages, whenever possible.

If you’d like to increase your council’s printed outreach offerings, check out EmpowerLA’s Neighborhood Guide – a mailer and flyer that lists local services and gives your council’s meeting time and contact information. Learn more and order one for your council here.

Outreach Tip Of The Week is an ongoing series on how to use communications, branding, marketing, and public relations to build better relationships with your stakeholders.

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