Regional Budget Day 2018: Recap + Survey

Thank you all who participated in Regional Budget Day 2018 on Saturday, January 20th, especially the Budget Advocates for planning the five events around the City. Attendees were engaged in issues and were encouraged to come up with possible solutions and ideas that could be placed in the Budget Advocate White Paper, as well as working with the Mayor, City Council, and city departments.

The Budget Advocates started each event with a special video presentation they created which included a welcome message and presentation by Los Angeles City Controller Ron Galperin, and City Administrative Officer Richard Llewellyn. Thank you Controller Galperin and Mr. Llewellyn for your support!

Neighborhood Councils are highly encouraged to appoint at least one “Budget Representative”. This person’s role is to report to their Neighborhood Council with updates on what the Budget. Advocates are doing, as well as any information they have related to the city budget they think their Neighborhood Council could benefit from knowing. Budget Advocates are selected by the Budget Representatives. They work very hard to monitor the city budget and how it relates to city services. There are three budget advocates for each of the 12 regions of the Neighborhood Council System in the city, totaling 36 budget advocates.

The city’s budget says a lot about what and who we value so it is important to hear from you. For information on the city budget, please visit the City Administrative Officer’s (CAO) website at:  http://cao.lacity.org/budget/. For more information on the Budget Advocates, please visit their website at: http://ncbala.com/

Thank you so much to Budget Advocates who organized a great Regional Budget Day!

Budget Advocates Survey 2018  

Please click here to start this year’s Budget Advocate survey: https://goo.gl/forms/ulVrK34Ap46odThc2. The survey will take about 5 minutes to complete.  Please sure to put your ZIP code at the end, so issues may be targeted as they relate to specific Council Districts.

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