Resilient Youth: Civic Youth Visits Emergency Management Dept

(story & photos by John Darnell, EmpowerLA)

On Monday, July 30th, as part of Mayor Garcetti’s Resilient Los Angeles Initiative, the Emergency Management Department hosted the participants in EmpowerLA’s Civic Youth program to take a tour of the City of Los Angeles’ Emergency Operations Center.  They learned what the city is doing to plan for major disasters and what they can do get prepared personally and how they can help their communities.  Civic Youth is a heralded city program which helps develop the next generation of stewards of Los Angeles to be leaders in a variety of areas.

The Mayor’s Resilient Los Angeles Initiative aims to help our city with disaster preparedness and recovery, climate adaptation, economic security, and infrastructure modernization.  The initiative was launched in March 2018, and we encourage you to visit the Mayor’s website for more information:  https://www.lamayor.org/Resilience

Civic Youth:  http://empowerla.org/civicyouth/

Emergency Preparedness:  http://www.readyla.org/


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