Stakeholders – Who are they?

Neighborhood Council leaders have opened the NC Plan Review and Reform Initiative process by tackling one of the most hotly debated elements in the Plan, the definition of a Stakeholder.

Some people believe that there should be a citywide standard while others contend that each Neighborhood Council should set their own definition within their bylaws.

Some people argue for a simple “live, work, own property” definition while others point out that this would exclude valuable members of the community such as those who participate in schools, churches, non-profits, service organizations, and other community partners.

The Central/East/North LA and North/South Valley working groups met this week to elect officers and to make recommendations on the current Stakeholder definition and the Harbor/South/West LA working group meets on Tuesday, February 12 in South LA.

The NC Plan Review and Reform Initiative is a Board of Neighborhood Commissioners project and consists of three working groups made up of 15 appointees each. They work independently of each other, evaluating elements of The Plan for a Citywide System of Neighborhood Councils, and making recommendations on topics that include the stakeholder definition, the Brown Act, posting requirements, funding, the roles of the Commission and the Department, and the ability of Neighborhood Councils to monitor the deliver of city services.

The schedule of workshops is posted at and agendas can be found on the calendar and on the website.

Comments and questions can be sent to the Commissioners at and they will also be made part of the public record.

To sign up for Commission agendas, visit the City of LA’s early notification system and select:

DONE: Department of Neighborhood Empowerment
Department of Neighborhood Empowerment
BONC Agendas

The next NC Plan Working Group meeting is:

Harbor/South/West LA
Community Health Councils
2nd Floor,
3731 Stocker Street Ste 201,
Los Angeles, CA 90008

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