Sustainability Alliance Gets Interactive with LA2050 at Congress of Neighborhoods

Many thanks to the outpouring of creative ideas, strategies, and commitments to action that were shared by more than 60 Congress of Neighborhoods attendees last Saturday, through an interactive urban design exhibit hosted by the Neighborhood Council Sustainability Alliance.

Congress attendees’ feedback was generated in response to the “LA2050” initiative — which aims to make LA the best place to learn, create, play, connect, and live by 2050. The engagement was facilitated by the award-winning Co-Design Group of Vancouver. During the Congress and at a post-Congress NCSA mixer, attendees collaborated with the Co-Design team to create more than 25 illustrations that depict participants’ desired LA by 2050.

“In the sample group we facilitated, LA in 2050 is shaping up to have abundant social spaces in an outdoor public realm,” observed Co-Design Group associate Susan Chung. “There is a desire for walking, cycling, and transit, surrounded by a sustainable landscape.”

“The drawings provide a glimpse of how people will live the ‘LA2050’ goals personally, in their own words,” added Susan. “As spoken word gets turned into drawings, participants claim ownership of the illustrated goals, and a commitment to see it become reality.”

All drawings and related rating data will be shared with the Goldhirsh Foundation, which is driving the LA2050 initiative, and are available for viewing or further feedback by contacting the Neighborhood Council Sustainability Alliance.

The NCSA extends its deepest gratitude to its event partners (Co-Design Group, Goldhirsh Foundation, and TreePeople), the Congress steering committee, and a magnificent team of volunteers for making the engagement possible!

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