What is a QR Code and how can I use it?

A QR Code (short for Quick Response Code) is a scannable two dimensional image that is used largely by the advertising industry to take consumers, who scan their code with their smart phone, to their website, to sign them up to a mailing list or to share a vCard (contact information) on ones phone.

QR Codes can be used on any print media to promote ones business, website, merchandise, event, etc.

There are many websites where one can create QR Codes for free. QRStuff lets you create printable QR Codes, which is important when you decide to print your QR Code on a mug, t-shirt, magnet, business, flyer or anything that will require a high resolution image. QRickit is a website that lets you create fun custom QR Codes and gives you options and tips for creating them.

For Neighborhood Councils, it would be great to see QR Codes to websites and web pages on all printed materials, like flyers, posters, business cards, and printed Newsletters. QR Codes are a great way to involve the younger community and the next generation of NC Leaders.

Create QR Codes to your website, to an election page on your website, to the blog page of your website, or to a Newsletter signup link to get people to sign up to NC updates. All you need is a live website link (be sure to include http:// when creating the QR Code).

The Neighborhood Councils from the North East Valley Region created an Election Ad for the Daily News, that includes the QR Code to our Elections page. This is a great example on how QR Codes can be used to get the information out about Elections to the Community.

Not everybody uses QR Codes and not everybody needs to. But it’s good practice to reach out to all constituents and invite them to the way to City Hall.

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