Why Is Taking the Mayor’s Budget Survey Important?

When I announce that it is time to take the Mayor’s Budget Survey to my fellow Neighborhood Council board members, the most frequent response I hear is “what difference does it make?”  Up until last year, the same question was on my mind as well. But having now served as a NC Budget Advocate for a full year, here are my top six reasons for everyone to take the Mayor’s Budget Survey this year:

  • Tough Choices:  The City is facing an estimated $216 million budget shortfall which will result in services being cut and/or fees and taxes being raised.  Taking the Survey is one way to weigh in on these tough choices.
  • Common Sense:  Budgeting is complicated but it is not rocket science.  You probably have a few common sense ideas that City Hall should hear about.  Make comments when you take the Survey!
  • Numbers Count:  Last year only 5,000 stakeholders took the survey, down by half the 10,000 of the previous year. Numbers do count at City Hall, so let’s all work to at least triple that number this year.
  • Engage NC Board Members:  Neighborhood Council board members were elected to advocate for their community and the delivery of City services.  The budget drives the latter and NC board members need to be engaged in that decision making process.  All 1,700 members ought to be Survey takers!
  • Outreach Tool:  Here’s an opportunity to engage ALL of your stakeholders during the month of February – let them know about the Survey and why it is important to participate.  While you are at it, use this as an outreach tool to remind them your NC is there for them, twelve months a year!
  • Make A Difference:  Some of the budgeting options considered by the City have been included in past year’s Surveys, and this year is no exception.  Some of the options have proceeded or been shelved partially due to the responses to past Surveys, showing that taking the Survey can make a difference.
  • Click here to take the Mayor’s Budget Survey and then share it with everyone!

    Glenn Bailey served as a Neighborhood Council Budget Advocate in 2011-12 and this year is an Alternate from the North West Valley Region.

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