Work with Your Regional Branch Library

Your regional branch library is the perfect partner in connecting with your stakeholders during this Election process. Los Angeles branch libraries have computers for individuals to register as candidates, register to vote online, and research which Neighborhood Councils represent their needs. Your local branch library has a genuine interest in positively serving the needs of their “customers” – which are your stakeholders.

How to establish a relationship with your regional branch library:
1. To find your branch library, review the attached PDF.
2. Call, email and/or visit your regional branch library and provide them with flyers for your Neigbborhood Council elections.
3. Request that they share your Neighborhood Council Elections information signage in key areas of their library (entrance, book check out area, community board, computer stations, etc).
Note: Prepare ahead of time the appropriate PDF and JPG images of your signage, flyers, instructions, etc. Provide those to your branch library liaison via email.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments please email Elections@EmpowerLA.org or call 818-293-VOTE (8683).

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Neighborhood Council Elections are taking place NOW. Click here to learn more!