Voting Information

0% Voted Online
0% Of Online Voters, Voted On Their Own Device
0% Of Online Voters, Voted At A Pop-Up Poll*
*Pop-Up Polls: Mobile voting stations which allowed voters to register, get verified, and vote at the same time

Candidate Information

0 Candidates
0% Elected Were Incumbents
0% Elected Were New Members
Oldest Candidate: 0
Youngest Candidate: 0

Neighborhood Council Information

0 Neighborhood Councils
0 Conducted Online Elections
0 Held Elections
0% Were Self-Affirmation
0% Were Documentation
0 Unique Ballot Types
Max Number of Ballots Offered: 0
0 Selections
0 Board Affirmations
0 Had No Election
0 Vote-By-Mail

Survey Results

0 Voters Took The Survey
0 Of The Most Important Issues Affecting Their Neighborhoods:
0 % Said Public Safety
0% Said Planning & Development
0% Said Zoning & Landuse
0 Of The Most Effective Ways Voters Heard About Elections:
0% Heard From Candidates
0% Heard From Friend/Neighbor
0% Visited EmpowerLA Website
0 Of The Most Well Done Aspects Of Elections:
0% Said The Layout of The Ballot
0% Said Location/Accessbility
0% Said Registration Process
0 Election Aspects That Need The Most Improvement:
0% Said Registration Process
0% Said Election Outreach
0% Said Quality Of Candidates