The City of Los Angeles’s Coordinated Street Furniture (transit shelters, PAKs, APTs) Program enables City Departments and Neighborhood Councils to display Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) on the City’s bus shelters free of charge. Please note that while there is no cost to post and display PSA’s, there is still a cost associated with printing. Due to the high number of requests, we ask that Neighborhood Councils advertise 1-3 bus shelter PSA’s within their boundaries.

Please keep in mind that access to bus shelters for PSA campaigns is subject to availability, so no specific location is guaranteed and your PSA may be relocated from time to time.

Please click on the bus shelter form to submit your request. 

All bus shelter artwork must be completed 8 weeks in advance of your running date. For instance, if you plan on running PSAs on 2/1/19, then your artwork must be completed by 12/8/18 and ready to be reviewed. All artwork must meet the bus shelter design specifications and include the City Seal (download the city seal here) in the design.
Bus Shelter Specifications

Make sure your board has approved and set aside a budget for bus shelter printing costs.
City of Los Angeles Publishing Department can print your artwork for about $40/print (please contact for a quote, once you have your artwork). Please note that you may go to any other print shop that is able to print bus shelters.

After your files are sent to the print shop, they will send you a proof. Once the proof is approved by your board, it will take up to 14 business days for printing and placement of the ads.